Specialist in the field of starters, alternators and DC motors for over 30 years
Our powerful team in Amberg specializes in the repair, wholesale and retail of starters, alternators and DC motors.

The immediate availability of our units reduces the downtime of construction machinery, trucks, forklifts and agricultural machinery and thus saves costs. Repairs and special designs are carried out at short notice in our flexible workshop. Our customers include wholesalers and industrial companies as well as workshops and private customers in Germany and abroad.

Product range: Starters and alternators for construction machinery, trucks, buses, forklifts, agricultural machinery and old-timers of all kinds (for example the most modern Fendt starter up to the Lanz pendulum starter) as well as turbochargers, injectors, injection pumps, air conditioning compressors, high-pressure pumps and batteries.


Starters and alternators are offered as a completely overhauled unit (in exchange) or as a new part. In addition, we have spare parts constantly in stock, thereby also cost-effective repairs are possible at any time. For many vehicles, we also have increased starters and alternators in stock. OEM quality kits (Bosch, Mitsubishi, Denso, Letrika, Delco, Hitachi, Nikko, Marelli ...), whether new or repaired, are always in stock and available immediately. On request, we also offer cheap alternative parts.

Motor parts

In addition to starters and alternators, we also carry high-quality engine parts in inexpensive top quality for cars and commercial vehicles:
Turbochargers, injectors, high-pressure pumps and air conditioning compressors

Vintage cars

Just as vintage cars were revolutionary in their technology at their time, so today they lead a niche existence in collectors- and vintage cars-circles. We have made it our business to partially or completely restore these starters and alternators, so that the vintage car friend in the tractor and car area again enjoy his vehicle.

According to customer requirements, starters and alternators are completely adapted for the vehicle or overhauled uncompromisingly after agreement. The function of the special aggregates is produced down to the smallest detail. Spare parts are either available, are procured or, if necessary, rebuilt.

Of course, the right starters, alternators and spare parts are always in stock so that we can provide our customers with the best possible service.


Our specialists with many years of experience refurbish the original parts and repair them with high-quality spare parts. Unit casings are cleaned, sandblasted, glass-polished, checked for faults, cracks and run-in bearing seats and primed and painted after assembly.

Repaired or refurbished units are tested with our test stands for 100% functionality before they go to stock or are delivered.

Franz Steininger

Starters and alternators
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In case of emergency, we can also be reached by phone outside office hours!
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